Our Story

The Affordable Furniture and Mattress Gallery opened in February of 2017. The gallery is a family owned business that is operated by Emily Rhinehart. Rhinehart is an active member in the animal rescue community, and is a hard-working mother of five. The idea to open a furniture store was spurred by an experience Rhinehart had while she and her husband were furniture shopping for a sectional couch.

“My husband and I decided to make our first large furniture purchase and were going to get a new sectional for our home,” she says. “And we shopped in a lot of different locations and found that the price on the large sectional was tremendous, that being between $4,000 and $5,000.”

Rhinehart is a person who likes to help other people, and when she saw the outlandish markup in price, she knew others within the community must be facing the same situation and decided to open a furniture store.

With tremendous help from her investors, they together, opened a store to offer out of town prices in a local store. They realized that a lot of people travel out of town to purchase furniture at a lower cost, but there are a lot of people who can’t travel out of town, or have the ability to transport furniture. Their goal is to keep business in our community. If you can get out of town prices in town, you save gas, food and time.

In the end, however, Rhinehart says that helping people find a good product that is affordable and makes the customer happy is what makes her happy.

“Getting people something that they’re super happy with (and) that’s good quality that they can actually afford makes me feel good,” she said. “I think it’s really nice and really good to see customers who are just thrilled with the ability to purchase something they’ve always wanted and that’s affordable for them, fitting comfortably within their budget.”