Why buy from us

We are committed to carrying the highest quality furniture at the best prices. 

  1. Quality. Not all furniture is created equal. Some pieces are made with solid wood, while others are made from particle board with a veneer over it. Almost all furniture we sell is made from solid wood. We don’t carry anything made from particle board.
  2. Prices. Markup on furniture in many stores ranges between 200-400%. Unfortunately, prices don’t always reflect the quality of the furniture. Just because something costs a lot, doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is good. Large stores rely on those markups to cover their massive expenses. But since Affordable Furniture is a smaller business, we have minimal overhead, so we can have a lower markup. If something is expensive in our store it’s because it cost a lot of money to get it here.
  3. No Pressure. Please feel free to come in and look around. We encourage you to shop around and compare our quality and prices to our competitors.